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Welcome to ripWiki!















ripWiki is a wiki for the Firefox extension RIP (Remove It Permanently) that makes it easy to selectively and permanently remove content from websites that you visit frequently.


For more information about RIP please check out: http://rip.mozdev.org/. To get the latest version of RIP click here: Latest Release (mirror).


One of the main purposes of this wiki is to host RIPs so that users can share them with one another. The alphabetical links above and at the top of nearly every page in this wiki link to the RIPs that are currently available. If you would like to add a RIP and this is your first time, you can find a little help at AddingRIPs.



If you have a Website you wish to get RIP'ed, please edit the site "RIP Requests". Use the template schema to add the site including *Descrition and the disired *Issues to be blocked. And hopefully someone will fullfill your request :)




You can edit any page in this wiki, including this one, just by clicking "Edit this page" above. (If you have not logged in, you will be prompted for the password. Please visit this page for the password.)


If you are not familiar with how to edit in pbwiki, check out WikiStyle and give it a whirl in the SandBox.



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